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30 November 2020


160 Aldersgate Street
United Kingdom



'Clients' are the individuals or organisations for whom a consultant lobbyist has conducted the business of consultant lobbying in return for payment as defined by the Act.

Current client list (January to March 2021)

No clients listed. During this quarter, DLA Piper UK LLP made no communications which meet the definition of consultant lobbying as defined by the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act.

Previous client lists

This organisation has submitted no previous quarterly returns.

Relevant code of conduct details

Is there in place an undertaking by this organisation to comply with a relevant code of conduct?


Relevance of a code of conduct is determined in relation to governing the carrying on of the business of consultant lobbying. This means making communications personally to a Minister of the Crown and/or Permanent Secretary (or equivalents), regarding the functions, policy or legislation of the UK Government on behalf of a client and in return for payment.


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Benjamin AllerPartner
Kirstie AllertonPartner
David AmpawPartner
Ulf AndresenPartner
Jeremy AndrewsPartner
Christopher ArnoldPartner
Vinita AroraPartner
Marco ArteagaPartner
Stephen AtkinsonPartner
Grunne BahrPartner
Christopher BairdPartner
Emanuel BalloPartner
Nicholas BamfordPartner
Toby BarkerPartner
Martin BartlamPartner
Howard BassfordPartner
Andrew BattertonPartner
Tim BaumgartnerPartner
Mark BeardwoodPartner
David BeechPartner
Claire BellPartner
Sarah BellPartner
Raphael BeraPartner
Florian BiesalskiPartner
Petra BillingPartner
Robert BishopPartner
Stephen BlacksellPartner
Kai BodenstedtPartner
Richard BonnarPartner
Stephen BottleyPartner
Deborah BouldPartner
Mohamed BounouaraPartner
Neil BowkerPartner
Alexander BrabantPartner
Ian BrierleyPartner
Lee BrierleyPartner
Peter BrookPartner
Jeremy BrooksPartner
Benjamin BrownPartner
Christopher BurdenPartner
Mark BurgessPartner
Daljit BurrhaPartner
Duncan CalowPartner
Tamara CalvertPartner
Neil CampbellPartner
Piero CarbonePartner
Andrew CarterPartner
Philipp CeplPartner
Kate Cervantes-KnoxPartner
Alan ChalmersPartner
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