FTI Consulting LLP

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19 May 2015


200 Aldersgate
Aldersgate Street

United Kingdom


'Clients' are the individuals or organisations for whom a consultant lobbyist has conducted the business of consultant lobbying in return for payment as defined by the Act.

Current client list (July to September 2020)

Aon plc
Bauer Media Group
Bauer Radio Ltd
Bristol Airport
Dolphin Living
GW Pharmaceuticals
Heart of London Business Alliance
Innogy Renewables
Menzies Aviation
Natixis Investment Managers
Trilliant Networks
US Grains Council
Vanguard Asset Management
William Hill
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Previous client lists

Relevant code of conduct details

Is there in place an undertaking by this organisation to comply with a relevant code of conduct?


Details of where the code of conduct could be inspected:

This organisation adheres to the Public Affairs Code.

Relevance of a code of conduct is determined in relation to governing the carrying on of the business of consultant lobbying. This means making communications personally to a Minister of the Crown and/or Permanent Secretary (or equivalents), regarding the functions, policy or legislation of the UK Government on behalf of a client and in return for payment.


Where the organisation is a company list of directors can be found below. Where the organisation is a partnership list of partners can be found below. For organisations listed as organisation type 'other' list of executives can be found below.

See list of Partners
FTI Consulting Management LimitedPartner
FTI Consulting Group LimitedPartner
Mr Jon AaronsPartner
Mr Ben AtwellPartner
Mr Richard BaxterPartner
Mr Mark BezantPartner
Mr Edward BridgesPartner
Mr Jonathon BrillPartner
Mr Peter BrookerPartner
Mr Christopher ClarkPartner
Ms Sue DanaherPartner
Mr Mark DewarPartner
Mr James Dimech de BonoPartner
Mr Neil DoylePartner
Ms Toni DysonPartner
Mr Craig EarnshawPartner
Mr David EllisPartner
Mr Owen FoxPartner
Ms Lisa GoldstonePartner
Mr Simon GrangerPartner
Mr Chad GriffinPartner
Mr Jonathan GuppyPartner
Mr Greg HarmanPartner
Mr Matthew HarrisPartner
Ms Clare HartnellPartner
Mr Tim HaynesPartner
Mr Kevin HewittPartner
Mr Mark HuntPartner
Mr Paul InglisPartner
Mr Andrew KennellPartner
Mr Rustom KharegatPartner
Mr Stephen KingsleyPartner
Mr Michael KnottPartner
Ms Jeanette LichnerPartner
Mr Andrew LorenzPartner
Mr Ian MackiePartner
Mr Andrew MainzPartner
Mr Aneesh MalooPartner
Mr Jason MannPartner
Mr Paul MarriottPartner
Mr Jerry McArthurPartner
Mr James Melville-RossPartner
Mr David MorrisPartner
Mr Richard MountainPartner
Mr Chris OsbornePartner
Mr Charles PalmerPartner
Ms Julia PhillipsPartner
Mr Mike PilgremPartner
Mr David PowerPartner
Mr Chris RuellPartner
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