Ecuity Consulting LLP

Key registration information

Registered since

28 March 2015


The Counting House
First Floor
3 Mary Ann Street

West Midlands

B3 1BG



'Clients' are the individuals or organisations for whom a consultant lobbyist has conducted the business of consultant lobbying in return for payment as defined by the Act.

Current client list (April to June 2020)

Heat Pump Association
Hydrogen Taskforce
National Insulation Association
Sustainable Energy Association
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Previous client lists

Relevant code of conduct details

Is there in place an undertaking by this organisation to comply with a relevant code of conduct?


Relevance of a code of conduct is determined in relation to governing the carrying on of the business of consultant lobbying. This means making communications personally to a Minister of the Crown and/or Permanent Secretary (or equivalents), regarding the functions, policy or legislation of the UK Government on behalf of a client and in return for payment.


Where the organisation is a company list of directors can be found below. Where the organisation is a partnership list of partners can be found below. For organisations listed as organisation type 'other' list of executives can be found below.

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Mr James Anthony HigginsPartner
Mr James David SowdenPartner
Mr Ilias VazaiosPartner
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General Consultancy Changes

26 June 2020 Declaration changed to No
26 June 2020 Code of Conduct changed to No Code of Conduct
26 June 2020 Code of Conduct Address changed to None
30 August 2019 Building and street changed to The Counting House First Floor 3 Mary Ann Street
30 August 2019 Postal Code changed to B3 1BG
30 August 2019 Town or city changed to Birmingham
4 February 2016 Code of Conduct Location changed to The company's own Code of Conduct is available to the registrar on request.