Bell Pottinger LLP (in administration)

31 December 2017

Key registration information

Registered since

25 March 2015


6th Floor
Holborn Gate
330 High Holborn

United Kingdom


'Clients' are the individuals or organisations for whom a consultant lobbyist has conducted the business of consultant lobbying in return for payment as defined by the Act.

Current client list (April to June 2017)

No clients listed. During this quarter, Bell Pottinger LLP (in administration) made no communications which meet the definition of consultant lobbying as defined by the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act.

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This organisation adheres to the Association of Professional Political Consultants' (APPC) code of conduct.


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Patricia BakerPartner
Claudia BatePartner
David BeckPartner
Andrew BloxhamPartner
Luke ChauveauPartner
Lorna CobbettPartner
Timothy CollinsPartner
Daniel De BelderPartner
Paul De BenderPartner
Victoria GeogheganPartner
Charles HamptonPartner
James HendersonPartner
Nicholas LambertPartner
Stuart LeachPartner
Thomas LeighPartner
Mark LinderPartner
Emily LuscombePartner
Jamie LyonsPartner
Clinton ManningPartner
Adrian McMenaminPartner
Paul Montague-SmithPartner
Elizabeth MorleyPartner
Malcolm MunroPartner
Darren MurphyPartner
Kerrie PalmerPartner
Philip PankPartner
Razi RahmanPartner
Kevin ReadPartner
David RydellPartner
Oliver ScottPartner
Claire SoutheardPartner
Steven SummersPartner
John SunnucksPartner
Hugh TaggartPartner
James ThomlinsonPartner
Thomas TollissPartner
Charles VivianPartner
Eleanor WilliamsonPartner
Benjamin WoodfordPartner
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22/01/2018 - Bell Pottinger entered administration on 12 September 2017. Efforts to collect outstanding quarterly return information have proved unsuccessful as the administrator cannot provide information for periods for which it is not responsible. The Registrar has decided that further action is not in the public interest and that Bell Pottinger will be treated as having left the Register on 31 December 2017, since work continued to try to collect the missing information until this date.27/12/2017: To date, the Registrar has been unable to obtain information returns for the period before administration as all employees have been made redundant and the Administrators are not in a position to complete a return as they are not able to provide undertakings or statements for a period that they are not responsible for.

14/09/2017 Bell Pottinger LLP entered into administration on 12 September 2017. The appointed administrators are Matthew Humphries Tait, Colin Michael Trevethyn Haig & Malcolm Cohen of BDO LLP.

20/04/2017 Change to Register: The following names were added to Bell Pottinger LLP's list of Partners: Ms Claudia Bate, Mr Timothy Collins, Mr Paul De Bender, Mr Charles Hampton, Ms Elizabeth Morley, Mr Philip Pank, Ms Eleanor Williamson. The following names were removed as Partners: Lord Timothy Bell, Mr Abel Hadden, Mr Daniel Hamilton, Mr Daniel Thole, Mr David Telling, Mr David Wilson, Mr Gavin Davis, Mr Gregory Lake, Mr Gregory Wood, Mr Iain Burns, Mr John Rivett, Mr Jonathan Lehrie, Mr Neil Cameron, Mr Phillip Dennis, Mr Stephen Double, Mr Thomas Mollo, Mr Timothy Collins, Ms Christine Johnson, Ms Elizabeth Lynch, Ms Eugenia Harrison, Ms Frances Beves, Ms Julie Minns, Ms Natalie Barone, Ms Phoebe Vela, Ms Teresa Woodley, and Ms Victoria Preston.